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28 e 29 Settembre 2019


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The FIRST and UNIQUE event in Italy dedicated to news in Neuroscience, Hypnosis and extraordinary powers of the brain.

Two days of conferences, debates, workshops dedicated to the mind and its functioning.

international speakers

Experts in hypnosis, neuroscientists, psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, authors, coaches, counselors, wellness operators with the common desire to share their knowledge and experiences with the public!

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This year we talk about: Hypnosis, Neuroscience, Magnetism, Learning, Emotions, Wellness, Morpho-physiognomy, and much more!

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Associazone Italiana Ipnosi
Studio, Ricerca e Sviluppo

I relatori edizione 2019


Reincarnation, a hypothesis of survival

Manuela Pompas, journalist, writer, hypnologist, has been involved for many years in the development of human potential, a hypothesis of survival (last book "Beyond life, beyond death") and regression in past lives, themes of which she was a pioneer and on which he has written many books, the last of which are "Reincarnation, a life, a destiny" and "Stories of reincarnation". He founded and directs the web magazine, which deals mainly with wellness, holistic medicine and spirituality.


Regressions e Remote Viewing

A former university lecturer, trainer and author of numerous publications on experiential learning, he is the scientific referent for projects with children for the national and international UNICEF; was included in 2003 in the UN list of the best European experts in the field of childhood and participatory techniques. He has achieved numerous specialized certificates in mnemonic, public speaking, quantum, hypnotic and training techniques. He is the founder of Mentalsuperpower and has created LUCEM, the Free University of Growth and Evolution of the Mind, an extension of Mentalsuperpower in which the first courses of rapid learning and evolution of their abilities are disseminated through Hypnosis, PNL3 and the innovative Quantum Techniques.


Rapid Hypnosis and Time Distortion

ADPR (Advanced Practitioner with GHSC); AdvDipH (Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy); SQHP (Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practitioner); GHSC validated school; Professional Trainer (D32 / 33) since 1994; Master certified hypnotist; Louise Hay certified teacher; NLP Practitioner; EMDR certified therapist (Eyes Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing). Jennie is the author of a collection of books in the field of communication and unconscious training. She has participated in various publications and radio broadcasts, treated famous clients and was interviewed by the BBC radio show WM Joanne Malin (where she appeared with Jackie Collins) and BBC Hereford and Worcester's Howard Bentham's show and BBC Radio 5 Live. Jennie herself was a radio personality DJ for Kingsfisher FM, Redditch's radio station.


Teleportation of information through hyper-communication

Specialist in Cardiology, Head of the Cardiological Rehabilitation Center of San Pellegrino Terme (BG) Member of the national journalists' order. Founder and Chairman of Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) ( which aims to promote the helping relationship between science and conscience. He is an honorary member of the Russian Federation of Cardiology and the Cuban Society of Atherosclerosis. He obtained for his work the Sodalem Honoris Causa from the Society of Doctors of the Slovak Republic. He has published several books for health education and five books of poetry, three in Italian and two in Bergamo dialect


Hypnomagnetic Energy Hypnosis

Dr. Alexandre Mezzorana is a Naturopath, Osteopath and NGH certified Hypnotherapist. The hypno-magneticism practiced by Alexandre has always been a fundamental basis of understanding and therapeutic action. It uses the principles of traditional hypnosis, magnetism and fascination that complement each other synergistically, forming a coherent and effective therapeutic approach. With these methods it is possible to cure psychic, psychosomatic and functional disorders, often with unexpected results. A complete and powerful therapeutic approach, which revolves around different body, energy and psychological techniques. This holistic healing system is also a way of personal development that leaves a lot of freedom to the inspiration of every practitioner


Hypnosis in oncology

Professional psychotherapist with over eleven years of experience in the field of diagnosis and therapy of mental and psychosomatic disorders.


Hypnosis: a door towards superconsciousness

Gennaro Pepe is a doctor, he graduated in medicine and surgery in 1985 at the Fedrico II University of Naples. In 1989 he completed his medical training at the S.M.I.P.I, Italian Medical Society of Psychotherapy and Hypnosis. For thirty years he has been using hypnosis as a therapeutic technique, and in the course of his work he has had the opportunity to get in touch with the phenomenon of abductions, the abduction of terrestrials by alien entities. This has led him over the years to meet "special" people who have initiated him into the knowledge and awareness of the phenomenon and its purpose. He has prepared his work on the search for individual and collective truth, on the ability of everyone to be "knowledge" through the use of ipnsoi to bring out inner awareness in order to reach their life purpose and arriving at the concept of super consciousness.


Ottoprofili method

Dr. Katerina Kratka deals with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Applied Naturopathy in Psycho-neuro-Endocrine-Immunology, Psychology, Regressive Hypnosis and Deep Psychotherapy. In the Ottoprofili Method it combines ancient Chinese philosophy and modern psychology, as a practical and practical tool for every therapist.


Karma and Regressive Hypnosis

Degree in medicine and surgery; specialization in Psychiatry and Master in NLP. Psychotherapist with transactional analytic orientation. He spent eight years of evolutionary and didactic training. Professor since AMIA (Association of Italian Antiaging Doctors) since 2007, she has carried out several Lectures in Regional and University Structures. He has published several scientific works, for years present on several national television networks, he is a speaker and coordinator in various national and international conferences. He speaks of Regressive Hypnosis presenting an interpretative hypothesis through an integrated reading of a philosophical-scientific nature in order to understand the conscience substrate in which those dynamics that determine the existential flow of the individual or of the collective conscience.


The hypnotic charm of psychoastrology

The astrological symbol as an unconscious stimulus and emotional communication. A magical journey into the psychology of the 12 zodiac signs, not to predict the future but to understand ourselves in the present. Gianluca Ruggeri is a magistrate. Degree in Philosophy (psychology) at the University of Bologna with a thesis on the interpretation of dreams. Family Mediator (master in couple psychology University of Verona), he received the Honoris Causa Diploma in Ericksonian communication from the Order of Physicians of Friuli (under the High Patronage of UNESCO). He has been a university lecturer for years, working with radio, television and newspapers on broadcasts and articles on psychology and astrology (his great passion).


A SMALL FLAME CREATES AWARENESS What could happen if I learned to light it?

Artist, Motivational Speaker and Professional Counselor Listen and help people turn difficulties into opportunities, improving their quality of life. It supports them in the search for well-being, in training self-esteem and self-efficacy. It provides useful strategies for managing stress, anxiety, feelings of guilt and relationship difficulties. It offers specific emotional support paths in preparation for marriage for couples, individuals and families. It also deals with training. He will talk to us about fire, and its powerful transmutative power.


Hypnosis e neurobiofeedback

Dr. Salvatore Iannuzzi is a neuroscientist, child neuropsychiatrist, an expert in neuropsychophysiology.


Hypnosis and scientific verification

With over 20 years of active experience in the world of personal training and coaching, he is a scholar and innovator in numerous fields of application of neuroscience and training, and researcher in holistic, esoteric and spiritual sciences. Life coach, PNL3 expert and Counselor of Relational Systems, has deepened and practiced numerous disciplines such as Mindfullness, Reiky, Family Constellations, Reading of Akashic Registers, Numerology, Regressive Hypnosis and much more, experimenting on himself the efficacy and the power of the tools that each of these disciplines can offer to the resolution of the nodes of the soul, in the exploration of its shadow sides and for the attainment of inner peace and self-growth.


Morfo_ physiognomy

Hypnosis Academy Master Trainer, Counselor Hypnoterapist, Life Coach and Mesmerist Emeritsus, Director of the Center for Studies, Research and Development on the Hypnosis of the Italian Hypnosis Association of which she is also the founder, Ester Patricia Ceresa is an expert on personal change technologies. RESEARCHER, COUNSELOR HYPNOTERAPIST, LIFE COACH and MASTER TRAINER in PNL & PNL3, Non-Verbal Communication, Advanced Hypnosis, Magnetism and Coaching. He specializes in the field of Quantum Psychology and Enneagram. Studies on the ancient disciplines of Zoroastrian origin of Mazdaznan personal evolution combined with those on physiognomy and morphopsychology, combined with experimental research on thousands of subjects of different race and nationality both in the classroom and in the study where he received privately, led to the elaboration of the new morpho-physiognomy, a cutting-edge methodology in the field of body language disciplines.


Rapid Hypnosis and Fascination

Doctor in Psychological Sciences and Techniques - Counselor Hypnoterapist - Writer, he is president of the Italian Hypnosis Association of which he is also founder together with Paola Grassi and Ester Patricia Ceresa. He received the title of Counselor Hypnoterapist, at UNIVERSITE EUROPEENNE LLP of PNL, today he also works as a trainer with his Communication and Hypnosis courses. From the experiences lived in the field in these years, a book was born in mid-June 2017 in all bookshops, published by the Albatros group, "The keys to communication", in which it illustrates, some rules to apply from communication in the family, to what it can be a work negotiation, and that can make us make a difference anyway.


Creator and Organizer

Researcher, Professional Coach, Holistic Address Counselor, Philosopher and Writer, Hypnotist.
From an idea / vision of her, the Italian Hypnosis Association was founded, of which she is Vice President and founder together with Ester Patricia Ceresa and Vincenzo D'Amato. She is also the creator and organizer of the Academy Summit Festival (an annual non-profit event), as well as Owner & amp; Founder of the Italian Academy of Integrated Coaching, a community for which he is an Academy Master Trainer in coaching and personal growth courses.
His creative mind continually produces new ideas which he then successfully transforms into reality.
She is author of the book "There are no hitchhikers"

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